Project Description

MOVINGA are one of Europe’s fastest growing removal companies. With locations across Europe. They connect London with Leeds, Scotland with Spain, and home on this side of the world to the other.

The Insight

We were approached by a lead consultant representing Movinga Removals with a requirement to build out an elegant yet comprehensive web form to assist fundamental data collection ensuring a smooth effortless gathering of household items that were required for pick-up and delivery.

The Solution

Creativo-it built out a comprehensive web form that included a multitude of fields in a design smart format. As with everything we build we ensured that the form would render as beautiful on a desktop as it does on an tablet or mobile device. Which is no mean feat when you are gathering 127 fields worth of data!

Add to this the clean output that was emailed to their team for action then we achieved our objective with a job well done. We hope we can help other clients with their unique requirements like we have with Movinga.

The Result

It’s a large form but we’re not afraid to show it:

one of Europe’s fastest growing removal companies.
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