Project Description

ABC-MALLORCA are the leading magazine publishing and Internet marketing company for the whole of Mallorca.

The Insight

As an established leading publisher it provides a unique opportunity to expand and capatalise on the large volumes of traffic that is driven to the abc-mallorca websites. There is the true potential of a global reach that would incentivise business directory sign-up and other revenue generation schemes via Pay-Per-Click (PPC) models.

Our client required the creation of a property portal to allow real estate agents to advertise their properties directly online. The facility needs to allow for property details and associated media to be uploaded and managed accordingly from an administration interface.

The Solution

This was a large project that required an all-round understanding of the client’s requirements and the flexibility to adapt throughout the project. This is why we tend to work in an Agile fashion when it comes to larger projects to ensure we can adapt to any emerging business realities as they arise. Due to the highly custom website requirement it was decided that we would build in the ever reliable technology of Microsoft’s .net framework. From a design standpoint it was important that we considered the overall user experience to ensure ease of use for searching and returning properties that matched criteria as effortless as possible. We like to use interactive designs or prototypes to make things really clear for both client and developers, which leads to a much better solution with minimal ambiguities all-round.

What became very clear as a key priority for the site was the functionality for all estate agents to import their data to the portal as easy as ‘abc’ (no pun intended). We created a business process flow diagram to clearly depict end-to-end flow of how we could optimally grab data from agents sites and import to the portal. We achieved an ideal solution which totally took the heat out of the daily grind by automating the entire process. It was possible for us to crawl the agents home site mapping all required data attributes and process this with appending business logic to maintain data quality along with other logical triggers to underpin abc-mallorca’s business model. This was a true success and we even provided full logging for administrators to view key insights to this along with all other vital metrics to the system in a comprehensive admin area. Since the website’s introduction it has created new revenue streams and also improved the uptake of members in their business directory.

The Result

We are very proud of the work done and encorage you to take a look for yourself:

Visit the abc-mallorca property website

Property Portal for Mallorca
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